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Elementary News

ASK 4th Grade History Projects

January, 19, 2017 - ASK, Port Jervis, NY - Students in Mrs. Audrey Niosi's 4th grade class completed projects recently depicting Native America villages that once occupied our region.  The students creations were meant to showcase the villages and lifestyle of the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes.  Full story HERE>

Five Senses Testing at ASK

December 29, 2016, Port Jervis, NY - The students in Mrs.Conboy and Mrs.Goellners K-2 class are learning about their 5 sesnes.  The students tasted,smelled,heard touched and saw many different items. They had an opportunity to taste different foods wearing a blindfold!  Items such as lemon,cinnamon, garlic and lavender were just a few!  Picture 1  -  Picture 2  -  Picture 3

ASK Partners with Shoprite for Better Health!

December 29, 2016, Port Jervis, NY - Kelly Pearson, a Registered Dietician at the Shop Rite of Montague, is partnering up with A.S.K for her fourth year in a row. Kelly Pearson comes in twice a month to present various nutritional topics to the students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade during the school year.  Complete story HERE>

ASK Mighty Milers

December 29, 2016, Port Jervis, NY - Mighty Milers has begun at A.S.K and incentives are starting to come in! Mighty Milers is a free running program for kids of all fitness levels. It's designed to get kids moving and prevent obesity and illness.  Details HERE>

Snowboarding in the ASK Gym!

December 27, 2016, Port Jervis, NY - Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School students (grades K - 2) recently got to participate in the Burton Riglet Snowboarding Physical Education Program presented by Mountain Creek Snowboard and Ski School during their Physical Education classes. Details HERE>

ASK is on Pinterest

September 23, 2016 - ASK, Port Jervis, NY - NEW for 2016 - Be sure to visit the ASK Pinterest page.  Plenty of great resources, activities, quotes, challenges and more.  Click HERE for the ASK Pinterest Page.

ASKASK Parent Handbook 2016-17

August 22, 2016 - ASK, Port Jervis, NY - The ASK Parent Handbook is a handy guide with answers to frequently asked questions about school procedures & policies.  ASK Parent Handbook 2016-17>