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STAR - School Tax Relief

more about New York's STAR Program:

  • Residents who own their own homes may reduce their school property taxes through the NY State School Tax Relief (STAR) Program.
  • The STAR Program is a tax relief for homeowners, paid for through state taxes. It is not a new source of funding for schools and does not reduce or increase actual school tax rates.
  • To receive the tax relief, you need to apply through your localassessor's office to be eligible for the tax break. In the past, taxpayers receiving the Basic STAR exemption did not need to apply every year, but had to notify their local assessor if their primary residence changed. To receive Basic STAR in 2014, New York State is NOW REQUIRING HOMEOWNERS to REGISTER.
  • The school tax bill you receive in the fall shows the total amount you are exempt from paying under STAR. The actual amount of the full value exemption is dependent on the individual city/town
    where you reside.
  • Seniors who receive the Enhanced STAR exemption must reapply annually. Applicants must supply their most current income tax return. The changes to the Basic STAR program do not apply to the Enhanced STAR exemption.