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Rotary Club Dictionary Project 2016

December 8, 2016, Port Jervis, NY - Members of the Port Jervis Rotary Club visited the two Port Jervis elementary schools last week to give each 3rd grader a brand new Webster's Dictionary.  This yearly event is part of the educational outreach of the Rotary Club.  The Rotary Club's motto is "Service Above Self." 

Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School Principal Brett Cancredi commented on the project.  "Thanks to the Port Jervis Rotary Club for their continued support of our schools and students.  Reading is such an important part of what we do.  Having these dictionaries will help each student learn new words and expand their vocabulary."  He went on to say, "The dictionaries given to our 3rd graders serve as a useful learning tool through their school years."

The Rotary Club of Port Jervis is active in our schools with the Dictionary Project, as well as presenting scholarships and other awards to Port Jervis School students.