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Port Jervis High School
"Port Pride!!"

PJHS Excellence Series - Dr. Francis Celis, Cardiologist

Port PrideDecember 13, 2016 - PJHS, Port Jervis, NY - Port Jervis High School welcomed Dr. Francis X. Celis, cardiologist, as the December 2016 Excellence Series guest speaker.  The Excellence Series gives our top 25% academic performers a chance to meet leaders in business, education, and government. This forum allows students to get to know these leaders and learn how their life experiences led them to positions of leadership and success.

Dr. Francis X. Celis is an Internal Medicine Specialist from Corvallis, Oregon. He's a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Wagner College and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Celis has more than 14 years of diverse experiences, especially in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease (Cardiology), and Nuclear Medicine.

Port Jervis High School Principal Andrew Marotta was full of Port Pride introducing Dr. Celis. For Marotta, Celis is more than a nationally known cardiologist, they habe been the closest of friends since they were both in first grade.

Dr. Celis was well spoken and prepared. His slide presentation focused on the word Excellence. Dr. Celis discussed what it means to be excellent in your own life and in society. He was honest, informative, and funny, keeping the audience interested and engaged. Dr. Celis said his high school dream of being a writer was replaced by a desire to be a biotechnologist, and then finally supplanted by his true love, being a doctor of cardiology. He found out that being a writer or biotechnologist were hard, but med school was easy. He said “Pursue your passion, make it work and you will never work a day in your life. Excellence will be easy.”

Dr. Celis also told of his childhood experiences. As a young boy growing up in Staten Island, he met Andrew Marotta and soon became best of friends. They explored the streets in their neighborhood as well as greater New York City. Celis shared some embarrassing stories involving a future high school principal, bad hair dye, and the 1986 New York Mets.

Dr. Celis presentation included a very humorous portion called "Marotta Trivia’. Those in attendance now know who Mr. Marotta’s favorite New York Met is and what college he attended. They also learned that ice cream and SAT prep classes don’t mix well. Celis showed that a world class doctor and the leader of a high school were not much different than any other kids growing up.

Port Jervis High School is very grateful to Dr. Francis Celis for being our December Excellence Series special guest. Port Pride!

Dr. Francis X. Celis, Cardiologist & Port Excellence Series Guest