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Port Jervis High School
"Port Pride!!"

Regents & Local Exams 2015 - 16

High School Regents Exams 

 In keeping with NY State education standards, Port Jervis High School offers four types of Regents diplomas - Regents, Regents with Honor, Advanced Regents and Advanced Regents with Honor -
and two diplomas for students with Individual Education Plans.

2015-16 regents test schedule

Port Jervis High School students will take the Regents & Local Exams June 2016

REGENTS EXAM SCHEDULE, June 2016 - Printable PDF version of schedule

LOCAL EXAM SCHEDULE - June 2016 - Printable PDF version of schedule

BUS SCHEDULE - Printable PDF version of schedule

LATE BUS SCHEDULE - Printable PDF version of schedule

MONTAGUE BUS SCHEDULE - Printable PDF version of schedule


Important Reminders

Transportation: Regular transportation will be provided all week. Late day buses will be provided

  • NO CELL PHONE or other electronic devices are allowed in the testing areas.
    Students are advised to to leave them at home. If a student brings such a device into the test center, a school official must take it from him/her. If the device is not turned over to a school official, the student's exam will be invalidated and he/she will get no score.
  • Students must stay for 2 hours. No student will be admitted to a state exam 2 hours after the
    start of that test.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the exam schedule will be adjusted as follows:
    District Closed - No Exams
    Two-hour delay- All morning exams will begin at 9:45 a.m. All afternoon exams will begin at 1 p.m.
  •  In the event of a fire/fire drill, all teachers and students must exit the building. Students are to remain spread apart and no talking is allowed. All tests and test material will remain secured in the testing area.
  • During the Regents exams, students attend school only during their scheduled exams.
  • DATES TO REMEMBER - Printable PDF version of schedule