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March 23, 2018

ASK Learning about Good Health

ASK Students learning about Good Health

A.S.K. Elementary School, Port Jervis, NY - Kelly Pearson a registered dietician at the Shop Rite of Montague, New Jersey, has been partnering with the Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School in the Port Jervis City School District for the past three years. Mrs. Pearson comes in twice a month to present various nutritional topics to students from kindergarten through sixth grade during the school year. The various topics Mrs. Pearson has presented have shown students how to improve the quality of life through healthy eating habits. Mrs. Pearson’s presentations not only expose the student’s to new food choices but improves their critical thinking and decision making capabilities when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Mrs. Pearson focuses on educating the students about “My Plate� and the five food groups to help build a healthier eating style that can fight obesity and reduce the risks of various diseases. During Mrs. Pearson’s many visits to the school, her lessons have allowed the students to try many different kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods and beverages. Mrs. Pearson's service to our students has been invaluable. She has provided so many tools that are needed to determine healthy eating habits for our youth. In a kind and understanding way she breaks down realistic and sustainable ways for nutritious eating. Her constant support and understanding of our demographic has been able to help move our school’s health initiative forward. We are beyond grateful for the service she provides to our school district. Mrs. Pearson helps students discover how to be the best versions of them to lead happier and healthier lives. A.S.K has found a wonderful registered dietician who has the best interest of the student’s well being at heart.

During the 2015-2016 school year her different topics with the students have been:

-Big Apple Crunch Event
-Sweet Potatoes
-Snowman a stick
-Blubber Burgers (counting out the fat contained in Fast Food Items)
-Red Grapefruit
-Green Machine Drink
-Created time capsules in water bottles
-Classes participated in Wear Blue for Autism Awareness- Many classes made Autism Speaks "Light it Out Blue" Posters that hung around the Shop Rite of Montague's Store
-Hydration/Nutrition presentation for Port Jervis Varsity Soccer, Football and Wrestling Teams
-Energy Bites for Port Jervis JV Basketball Team


ASK and Shoprite