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June 17, 2018

Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School 4th Grade Book Project

Students publish books on animals

June 9, 2017, Port Jervis, NY - The 4th grade students in Mrs. Niosi's class, Mrs. Bartsch's class and Mrs. Trochiano & Leroy's class all participated in a classroom publishing project. Each class created their own book and it was published into a beautiful hard cover book! At the party we plan to celebrate their success and share the books with each class.

The students started with complete extensive research about a variety of animals. They complete their research journals and then compiled their information and data that was collected in one page reports. Along with those reports they had to create an illustration on their animal. Both their report and illustration were published in the class book.

  • Mrs. Bartsch's class book is all about animals of the rain forest called "Amazing Animals of the Rain Forest".
  • Mrs. Niosi's class book is all about animals of the oceans called "Under the Ocean".
  • Mrs. Trochiano's class book is all about endangered animals called Endangered Animals".

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